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With our school management system you are able to perform all school functions from Student Management, Exam Management, Class Management, Fee Management and it comes with a Free School Website.


Student Management

Student admission
Bulk import ofstudents using csv
Compact student profile
Student promotion

Exam Management
Question papers
Customizable grading system
Intuitive marks management
Tabulation sheet of marks
Send exam marks by SMS

Class Management
Multiple sections under a certain class
Ability to upload academic syllabus
Section-wise class routine
Distinctive study materials
Class-wise subject selection
Students’ daily attendance
Students’ attendance report

Fee Management
Invoice generation for student fees
Mass invoice generation
Student specific payment history
Expense Management with specific categories
Multiply payments under same invoice
Use online or manual payment
Set an accountant for fees management

Organize books by class
Issue books from school library
Keep track of issued books
Set a librarian to manage school library

School Administration
Manage your school’s transport
Organize school dormitory
Send Private messages to users
Customize school information
Choose any color scheme for your school
Set online payment information
Integrate SMS gateway of yoru choice

School Website
Customize your school website content from settings
Choose what you want to show on the website
Customize website theme
Present your school to the world.