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Network planning is essential to ensuring high-performance and long-term network operations. Jaytechub Limited  helps clients identify business and technical requirements, develop network design plans, and recommend courses of implementation.
Network consultation and evaluation is provided free of charge. Once the client's network requirement and needs are defined, we will provide a formal plan proposal including the pricing and delivery date of the planned implementation.
Network Cabling 

Our network services include network hardware, computer hardware, software, cabling, network installation and configuration, and maintenance and support services. We install Cat5, Cat5e, and Cat6 wiring systems, from installation, termination, to testing.
 Network Equipment
Jaytechub Limited  carries all name-brand network equipment, Cisco, 3Com, HP, Intel, just to name a few, ranging from NIC cards, to hubs, switches, and routers. Preferred servers include Dell, Hewlett Packard, and IBM.
Network Configuration & Installation
Our certified network specialists have expertise in network server configuration, switches and hubs deployment, IP addressing, router configuration, implementing remote access technology, as well as client stations configuration.
Our competitive rates and quality services are delivered on time and within budget, enable clients to manage their costs and time efficiently.
Network Administration & Maintenance

Clients are assured prompt and reliable services with minimal impact on business operations.
For many small to medium clients, Jaytechub Limited  acts as an off-site network administrator. We provide the following services:
Network administration, including management of user accounts, traffic level monitoring, and network accounting practices.
Network utilization analysis, with ongoing measurement of network activity against established network baselines.
Network troubleshooting, fault detection, isolation, repair, and restoration.
Alarm management, problem diagnosis, and dispatch of service resources.

Network backup, including disaster recovery procedure
Jaytechub Limited  works with clients to develop and implement more effective network systems through a broad range of installation and support services.
We  can configure your network using the latest wired and wireless solutions. It is no longer practical to have multiple computers in your office or home without connecting them to allow you to share information, printers, Internet connections, CD-ROM burners, etc. We can help you network your computers using  Windows Vista , Windows 7 and Windows 8 Server Networking solutions.
We provide all the hardware and software as well as the expertise needed to implement these solutions. We provide all major PC Hardware and software Our partners can wire your store or office to meet all needed specifications. 

Our services are extended to the home network as well as business and corporate clients.  Let us show you how easily you can have two or more computers share an internet connection.  A family computer network may be the solution you're looking for.