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December 18, 2019 - BY Admin

Customizing Odoo – Part 1

To customize an Odoo screen, let’s say we want to extend to Project Task window to capture new information about the task.

Project Task window should allow Product, Board Type, and other attributes be entered.
1. User setup – enable Technical Features

Settings > Users > Usability > Technical Features

2. Add new fields to the Model project.task

Settings > Technical > Database Structure > Models

3. Fields – add an Item

Here a field name x_borardtype (Board Type) was added as a drop down selection with pre-determined values.

4. Window customization

Settings > Technical > User Interface > Views

Here, we have modified the view project.task.form to show the newly added fields.  Note that Cutomised Views is probably better approach as changes made to Standard Views might get overwritten during upgrade.